Goloserie tubs


For the true gelato lovers, for children but also for adults, the Goloserie line is the smooth gelato to take always at home. It has the traditional flavors but also original proposals to make happy even need, available in sizes from 1.1kg. and 500g.


Available flavors:
Hazelnut* ……. Stracciatella and coffee
Tiramisù* Stracciatella and chocolate
Stracciatella Strawberries and cream
Lemon* Lemon and strawberry
Sicilia Cassata Flavor Hazelnut and Coffee
Tartufone (Chocolate) Cream black cherry variegated*
Bacio (with hazelnut) Hazelnut and pistachio
  Chocolate* Hazelnut and chocolate
  Coffee variegated* (vanilla cream with candied
fruit and chocolate chips) /
Cream chocolate variegated
  Banana and melon
Strawberry and hazelnut
Peach, pineapple and strawberry


*Also available in size from 500g.