Gelato Creamy


Soft gelato in a variety of delicious flavors. Available insize from 3 kg. or 4.2 kg., the Gallo Gelato Creamy born to meet the Ho.Re.Ca. system, to meet the needs of all those businesses like bars, pub or bistros still wants to offer good homemade gelato to its customers but at the same time does not have the space to set up a laboratory to produse gelaton inside.


Available flavors:
Hazelnut ……. Coffee
  Chocolate   Dark chocolate
  Vanilla cream with candied
fruit and chocolate chips
   Lemon   Strawberry
  Almond parfait   Nougat (mix of
honey and nuts)
  Yellow cream   Sicilian Cassata
  Bacio   Pistachio
  Mon Amour (chocolate and
hazelnut with nuts and
chocolate chips)
  Desideria (Seven
layer cake)
  Tiramisù   Amarena Cherry
& Vanilla
  Black cherry variegated   Stracciatella
  Melon   Banana
  Peach   Pinapple