About us

Here at Gallo Gelati, we manufacture Gelato-filled Cannolis, Creamy Sorbet, and Gelato Cakes, Rolls, Tubs, and Cream out of two plants located in Carini in the province of Palermo on the island of Sicily.

Our employees operate out of these modern and efficient facilities which have a combined production capacity of 50.000 gelatofilled cannolis per day – an incredible quantity given that every single cannoli is hand-filled to assure optimal quality.

The larger of the plants measures 64,600 square feet while the smaller is approximately 27,000 square feet. Added to this is our enormous storage facility, capable of holding 7000 pallets worth of product, and our immense freezer boasting a capacity of 1.17 million cubic feet.

Such grand facilities require grand testing procedures and toward that end, we spare no expense. Independent, certified laboratories conduct continuous swab-testing of all of our equipment to ensure that they remain clean and germ-free. Continuous product sampling and quality control testing ensure that our products meet the highest standards. Our plants, processes, and products are all validated in accordance with, among other certifications,
ISO 14001:2004.

Using traditional recipes and the finest ingredients, and through meticulous control of all production processes, we here at Gallo Gelati guarantee that our desserts are delicious and of the highest quality. Our dedicated marketing department which shapes our company image and a sales network with a large and growing number of distribution points have enabled us to serve Italy, Germany, Singapore, and Australia, and to begin penetrating new Country as USA and Belgium markets.